About Us

SavingsOnArrival.com was created to meet the needs of today’s traveler. Whether you are vacationing, traveling on business or just looking to save money right in your own neighborhood, SavingsOnArrival.com is here for you. Not sure where you want to go?, Our site can be used to help you decide by providing helpful information about numerous destinations, their places of interest, and suggested things to do once you arrive. There is NO CHARGE to use our website, and there never will be. It is our sole purpose to SAVE YOU MONEY!

At Savings On Arrival, our team is continually seeking out the very best money saving discount offers in the U.S. These offers are available through printable/shareable coupons for savings on attractions, restaurants, tours, golf, shopping and recreational activities at local businesses.

Our main goal is to continually improve our service, both for our growing audience of website visitors, as well as our expanding group of satisfied clients.

Our commitment is to always ensure a rewarding and user friendly experience to all who visit or advertise on our website.
Based on our many years of successful sales, marketing, media and travel experience, our management team looks confidently at the future, and will continue to commit its resources towards its goal of truly making SavingsOnArrival.com your one-stop site for vacation savings.